Friday, July 23, 2010

Fifteen Months!

Zander hit his 15 month milestone last Saturday!  We celebrated with Nana Pat by attending the Maple Grove Days Festival (   Upon arrival, Zander missed most of the outdoor games and rides due to a quick catnap:
We then explored several indoor activities which were lots of fun - Zander collected some souvenirs (e.g. Frisbee, bouncy ball, etc.)  Then we went to see the 'Big Truck' display - here are the boys on a big digger:
Did we mention yet what a Daddy's Boy Zander is?  You may have noticed that the little guy is frequently photographed with Daddy (Mommy is okay if she is the only one available, but if Daddy is around, he is always Zander's top pick).  Zander often cries when separated from Jim - here is an example of him crying and pointing for Daddy:
Fortunately, Nana Pat came to the rescue and was able to snap a photo of all three of us to reunite the boys:
(for those of you on the East Coast - yes, Jim is wearing a "TastyKake" T-shirt!)

Next Zander had the chance to (help) operate a real fire hose and to douse the flames of a burning house.  Here he is getting his grip on the big hose with a friendly firefighter:
Here you can see the flames that Zander is extinguishing to save the burning house - all in a day's work:
Next we walked through the Classic Cars display on our way to the art fair and then lunch.  Here is Zander enjoying the sights from his carrier:
Happy 15 months pumpkin!  We have enjoyed every day of our time together!

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