Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend Outings

Last Friday (July 2nd) was supposed to be a day off for Daddy, but he ended up needing to go into the office to have his laptop re-imaged due to a computer virus. So… it was a Field Trip for Zander! Zander had a great time checking out General Mills Corporate Headquarters and playing with Jim’s work toys and product samples. He enjoyed meeting several of Jim’s co-workers, and even got a big red balloon to bring home! Here is Zander enjoying the view from 10th floor:
Saturday was a big day for Zander! He began the day with his second trip to the pool - he is still getting used to the experience. Here he is showing Daddy how to use the ladder:
…and warming up with Mommy afterward:
Then, it was off to the Twins Game! Our thoughtful friends Kim & Dave ended up with extra tickets and suspected that Zander might enjoy checking out Target Field – and they were absolutely right!  Zander loved taking in the sights and scenery. We arrived during the 2nd inning and were able to stay until the middle of the 8th inning - much longer than we expected!
As soon as we passed through the entrance gate, Jim Thome hit a homerun for the Twins - woo hoo!  Here we are heading in to find our seats.  Zander seems to be getting more used to his 'Ergo' carrier, but we still haven't mastered how to load him in without both of us present!
Kim and Dave welcomed us when we found the seats - right behind home plate, a great view!  (Yes - Dave, an East Coaster,  is wearing a Red Sox shirt...)
A glimpse of the Minneapolis skyline:
We saw lots of home runs, including Thome's second homer of the game with which he passed Harmon Killebrew for 10th on the all-time homerun leader board - very exciting!  And for the record, we left our seats before the Tampa Bay Rays hit their grand slam to take the lead.  Here is Joe Mauer getting a hit:
These are the first pictures of our new family of three since June 11th when we arrived home from Korea!
Zander didn't watch much of the game, but created several of his own games instead.  Here he is playing the "I'm going to share my Cheerios with you, well maybe not" game with Kim and Dave:
 Kim and Dave stopped by after the game for dinner. Jim grilled us all some tasty Korean barbecue ribs – delicious! And of course, spicy! (Yes, even despite the fact that we ran short on chili paste!)  It was a wonderful day and we thank Kim and Dave for including us in the game!

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  1. We are finally back from our trip out east and all caught up on all things Zander!! It looks like he has been having a fabulous time and adjusting really well (sleep training is tough for everyone - but sooo glad we did it with Cole). Keep up the posts!!

    -Mary, John and Cole