Saturday, July 10, 2010

Play Date with the Edwards

Zander had another busy week of exploring, playing, and bonding.  On Monday he had his first restaurant outing - Punch Pizza in Wayzata with the Edwards Clan - he was excited to see 'Auntie Jodi' and Gabrielle & Zoe again, and enjoyed meeting 'Uncle Glenn' who had been working in Germany during our previous play dates.  Zander did well at the restaurant and enjoyed trying several types of wood-fired pizza.

After lunch, we all  headed to Wayzata Beach.  Zander loved wading in Lake Minnetonka!  He warmed up to the lake in no time in comparison to the swimming pool.
He splashed and played until we were asked to clear the water due to a lightning sighting. After a quick change of clothes (we hadn't planned for the beach), we were off  to the playground. Zander was delighted to get the chance to ride on the tire swing with Zoe and Gabrielle - he had a blast!
Zander also enjoyed some solo swinging.  First Gabrielle pushed him, and then Zoe took a turn:
It started to rain pretty hard, so we transitioned from the playground to another favorite: Ben & Jerry's!  Here are Amy and Jodi expressing their happiness of getting out of the rain (and possibly their anticipation of B & J's ice cream).
Zander shared some Strawberry Kiwi with Mommy which he loved.  Gabrielle, Glenn and Zoe were all very satisfied after their frozen treats!
What a fun play date! Zander took a big nap after all the excitement.  Later that night, he supervised as Jim prepared fajitas on the grill - yummy!

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