Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Haircut Adventure

Zander had his second haircut a week ago - another painful experience!  Again, he cried and screamed the entire time (pretty much the same scene as the photos posted on 6/29/10).  This time he even vomited, which his stylist managed expertly without missing a beat - quite impressive!

Similar to his first haircut, we planned to go for frozen yogurt afterward to calm Zander down.  We soon discovered, however, that it would not be necessary this time.  After the cut, Zander tried - and really enjoyed - the lollipop which he refused while in the barber chair.  Wow, toddlers with lollipops are MESSY!  It seemed as though everything within a three-foot radius of Zander suddenly became sticky and gooey.  Here he is enjoying his new-found treat:
Fortunately, the day of the haircut was not all doom and gloom - earlier in the day, Zander had his first dining experience at Panera where he met friends Jean and Sara (from Amy's work).  The little guy devoured most of Mommy's pumpkin muffin and then enjoyed playing with his new friends.  Jean even brought some him some fun toys - he especially loves the maracas and 'activity shoe' that has laces, Velcro, a zipper, a button, mirror, and best of all a cute face with a large nose that he can chew on (similar to Dooly's).  What a treat!  Here he is with Sara and Jean (L to R):
After having such a good time with Jean and Sara, Zander is getting very excited for his lunchtime field trip to Medtronic next Monday!  He worked so hard entertaining the ladies that as soon as we got home, he crashed on the floor for a nap (with his Elmo puppet):
Yikes, we hate to imagine the afternoon haircut if Zander hadn't had this nap!

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