Sunday, February 13, 2011


Zander enjoyed a recent trip to the Minnesota Zoo with his friend Elara.  It was his first time at this zoo, and he loved it!  The zoo was delightfully toddler-friendly, so we will definitely be heading back.  We started out on the Tropics Trail where we saw many exotic creatures.  Although it was a brisk day, we braved the elements and explored the Medtronic Minnesota Trail where we saw beavers, coyotes, pumas, lynx, wolverines, and gray wolves.  Zander was able to tame one of the wolves for a quick photo op:
Elara also enjoyed the ride:
Yikes, check out those shark's teeth!
Playing upside-down with Daddy...
...and completely missing the dolphin show behind us!  Thank goodness Elara was watching!
We also ventured out to see the Grizzly Bear habitat - we found three very large bears sleeping.  Fortunately, one lifted his head to say hello - see his face in the upper right hand side of the photo.  Zander had a hard time believing that grizzlies can grow to over 10 feet tall and weigh over 1300 pounds - wow!
At the end of the adventure, Zander got to meet Snoopy Dog.  What a fun day!!

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