Sunday, February 6, 2011

Under the Weather

It has been a long week... Zander is just getting over a case of pneumonia!  Last weekend we knew something was off when he lost his appetite and had a lot of trouble sleeping.  Daddy brought him to the doctor on Sunday... the chest X-ray was not fun!  Zander stayed home from school a few days and we tried to help him rest as much as possible.  He's finally getting back to himself, we are so thankful!  While home, Zander was often lethargic, and took several naps a day - here he is catching some Z's with Dooly and another favorite companion "Puppy," (a gift from Heather's parents last summer): 
Another nap, this time sleeping on the adorable Pillow Pet he received from Chris, Karissa, Justin, and Erin for Christmas:
Still, some occasional smiles:
Zander has recently learned the unofficial sign for "P.U." - he now uses it frequently to signal a poopy diaper!
Taking a rest on his beloved Froggy chair (more pics of Froggy to follow):
The week before the pneumonia diagnosis, Zander had a run-in with a wall at school - he was running and slipped on a mat.  He got a big owie on his face that had him looking pretty rugged:
Fortunately, it didn't stop Zander from eating one of his favorite fruits, banana, which he affectionately calls "Nanny".  (Not to be confused with Nana Pat, whom Zander has also recently given the same nickname!)
And, even with the big owie, it was wonderful to see a smile!
Although Zander would often point to his left cheek and announce "Owie!", the boo-boo did not keep him from enjoying "Transportation Day" at school:
Getting by with a little help from his friends!
We are delighted that Zander's big owie and, (we believe) his pneumonia are behind him!  Good health is a great way to start the Lunar New Year that we celebrated on February 3rd - "Seolnal," as it is called, is the biggest holiday in Korea.  The Year of the Rabbit is said to bring Peace, Tranquility and Harmony.

     새해 복 많이 받으세요(saehae bok man-hi ba-deu saeyo) - Happy New Year!

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