Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Showers

We've had a very snowy winter so far (already in the top 10), 75+ inches total!  Last Sunday and Monday we had heavy snow showers with 12-18 inches in many areas.  Zander LOVES to shovel - here he is on President's Day: 
Go boys go!
Over the snowy weekend, I was reflecting on last year at this time -- instead of snow showers, I was enjoying two wonderful Baby Showers in anticipation of Zander's arrival.  We originally thought that our travel to Korea might be as early as March, which is how we landed on February showers.  As it turned out, we did not travel until June, but the showers were a delightful way to prepare and celebrate while we waited!  The first shower was hosted by my boss Jan:
Jan prepared a delicious feast that we all enjoyed:
We received so many wonderful gifts that Zander has grown to love.  Here are some "Spinaroos" (a type of building block) that came from Sue - they are so much fun!
Noreen brought a cake that was absolutely precious - which made it difficult to cut!
A gift from Jan - some adorable artwork that matches Zander's bedding:
Here's how it looks in his room - so cute!
Froggy Chair!  What an awesome gift from Amy's team.  Zander has so much fun with this chair, more pics to follow.  Thanks team - you are the best!
Noreen also created some unique treat bags with custom-made chocolates - how sweet!
Bottom row of chocolates: "Born 4-17-09," "I'm Baby Wilson," "Amy is my Mommy!," and "Thank heaven for little boys!"

A few days later, my sister-in-law Heather hosted a very special shower for family and friends.  Here are Heather, my aunt KK and my mom (a.k.a Nana Pat):
Another gorgeous cake - this one looking forward to the long plane journey in front of us:
A creative accent photo... yes, that is Babe the Blue Ox (with Paul Bunyan)!  Note Babe's unique 'markings' - the Korean flag!  Why Babe?  Because, of course, Zander was born during the Year of the Ox!
Fun shower games:
Cousin Leah won one of the games!
The Caterpillar dump truck - definitely a Zander favorite!  Thanks KK and Nana!
Yours truly showing off the cake one more time before cutting:
Wow!  A fully stocked diaper caddy from Heather - we enjoy using it every day!
Heather requested that each person bring their favorite baby/toddler book.  Everyone was so generous - we built up an amazing book collection which Zander continues to enjoy:
Thanks again to everyone who helped me celebrate - it really helped shorten the wait!  Special thanks to both Jan and Heather for hosting such lovely showers and creating priceless memories!

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