Sunday, March 6, 2011

Closing out February

Our February 6th post included a Lunar New Year (Seolnal) greeting - we later celebrated at a big New Year's festival at a local school.  Zander especially enjoyed the lion parade:
That same February 6th post mentioned that Zander was finally back to full health following a case of pneumonia... I was wrong!  On Valentine's Day, Zander made it through the school day okay, but had a really rough night.  Again he wasn't himself - not eating, cough, difficulty sleeping, and overall not very happy.  Daddy brought him to the doctor only to learn (via a second, very painful chest x-ray) that Zander still had pneumonia!  The doctor prescribed a more 'harsh' antibiotic treatment this time that was really hard on Zander's system - his stomach was upset, causing very frequent diarrhea and thus a horrendous case of diaper rash that lasted over a week.  Just looking at Zander's raw bottom was painful - poor little guy!!  Here's a pic of the boys napping together during one of the rough days:
So Zander had pneumonia pretty much the whole month of February - he was first diagnosed on 1/30, and finally received the 'all clear' on 3/1.  What a relief to have that month behind us!

Valentine's Day also marked a school milestone for Zander - he moved up from the 'Toddler' room to the 'Early Preschool' room.  He enjoyed being reunited with some friends from the Toddler room, and is benefiting from the additional structure of his new class. 

Zander has recently been showing off his belly a lot:
He thinks it is hilarious and giggles continuously as he shows off.  Daddy sometimes reciprocates (yes, encouraging the behavior, we'll spare you that pic), which Zander thinks is even funnier.  Last week when Daddy picked up Zander at school, the teacher mentioned that now all the kids are going around lifting up their shirts... whoops!

Last weekend we had a fun Mall of America play date with Luke and Brady.  Here are Nana and Heather riding the Diego Bus ride with Luke and Brady:
Zander had a blast steering (or pretending to steer) one of the remote control boats:
 He really enjoyed Legoland - here he and Daddy greeted a Lego Woody:
 Wow, check out the Lego cat!
 Playing at one of the Lego stations:
Zander and Daddy enjoyed a fun Choo-Choo Train ride:
 Heather, Bob, Brady and Luke getting ready to ride the hot air balloon ride:
 Playing with a big Thomas the Train table in one of the stores:
 Luke, Brady, and Uncle Bob on the Ferris wheel:
 It was a fun outing enjoyed by all!

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