Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adoption Celebration

Last weekend, our agency hosted a big adoption celebration.  The event was at the University of MN Field House - a large, toddler-friendly facility.  Zander had a fun time exploring the different areas set up for each country, and we enjoyed sampling some ethnic cuisine and connecting with friends we have met throughout the process.    Zander absolutely loved playing the Korean drums - we had to return to the drum area later in the afternoon because once simply wasn't enough - here he is showing off his rhythms:
After a while banging on the drums, he gravitated to a softer implement that almost looked like a feather duster.  Here he is testing it out on one of the percussion instruments:
And, now he seems to be using it as a duster on the Field House floor:
Cleaning the wall...:
...And the track surface:
Yes, even the Korean flag needed some dusting!
Checking out one of the jumpy-houses.  Still haven't tried one yet...
Enjoying the Romanian performance:
Playing with the fun star balloon that he got to bring home:
Running away from Daddy when it was time to put on his coat to go home:
We enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the joys of adoption with so many others - and are grateful to be working with an agency that sponsors such great events!

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