Friday, March 25, 2011

Zander's Castle

It was during a recent visit to the Home & Garden show at the Minneapolis Convention Center that Zander first saw the castle - a large swing/playset on display.  He was in love...  The next weekend we went to the swingset store to pick one out, and were excited to learn it could be installed in time for Zander's birthday!  Pure joy on the faces of both the boys:
Here Zander and Daddy are trying out the glider... whee!
Nana Pat among all of the playsets:
(A very serious) Peek-A-Boo:
Hanging out in the playhouse with Daddy (and Puppy):
Putting his climbing skills to the test... Zander did great!
Action shot - running back to the ladder for another turn:
Cruising... (with some strange lighting effects):
This time riding with Daddy:
So much fun!!  Zander loved playing on the various playsets.  So... we ordered one.  The swinget arrived and was installed on Monday morning - here is where we started:
 Building the base:
 Adding the rock wall - Mommy watching from the deck:
 The castle tent and flags in place:
Later that afternoon, Zander was able to break in the set.  Here he is taking it all in as we descended down the deck stairs:
 Big smile!
 Trying out the Captain's Wheel:
 On the scoop slide:
 Trying out the rings that he can hardly reach:
 Cousins Luke and Brady then came over to help break in the set.  Here is Luke enjoying the tire swing:
 Heather pushing Brady on one of the swings:
 Go Zander!
It was so fun to watch the boys playing together on the castle.  Zander loves trying to keep up with his older cousins.  Here he is mimicking Luke - playing with some big sticks:
The next day, the castle was covered with ~5 inches of snowfall!  So much for the start of spring.  We look forward to watching Zander play on his new castle for years to come - Happy early Birthday Pumpkin!!

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  1. We can't tell if Zander or Jim is more excited about the castle based on the big smiles on both their faces... :)

    -Mary, John and Cole