Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green is Good!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Zander helped Mommy and Daddy celebrate our Irish heritage today - here he is sporting his green outfit (with one of his beloved apples):
 Yummy apple!  Still a favorite 'anytime' snack...
 A recent milestone - Zander can now climb into his highchair, all by himself!!
Zander had a very special delivery from Cousin Luke and Uncle Bob - homemade green chocolate chip cookies and a shamrock card - how special!   And yummy...
On a day of celebrating with the color green, Zander decided it was the perfect time to share some pics of his favorite green friend... his Froggy pillow chair!  You may remember from our February Showers post that Zander's Froggy chair was an awesome shower gift from Mommy's team at work.  When Zander first came home, the first thing he would do when we went upstairs was to run and either hug or tackle Froggy Chair - so funny to watch!  Here he goes:
Over the months, Zander has found many great ways to have fun with Froggy.  Sometimes Froggy is a good place to read a story:
 Or a good spot to brush his teeth:
 Froggy is the perfect spot to catch up on some phone calls:
 Zander has even learned to share Froggy (at times)!  Here's Cousin Brady testing Froggy out:
 Wow, can Froggy really fit both Cousins!?
 ...Maybe not.  Whoa!
One other fun fact about Froggy... he has a cousin!  Yes, one of Mommy's teammates Courtney really enjoyed meeting Froggy and decided that her sweet puppy Barney would also love to have a big pillow chair.  So here is Barney hanging out with Froggy's cousin... Lamby!! 

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