Thursday, January 20, 2011


Zander loves art class!  His teachers tell us that he often needs to be one of the last ones to take his turn during art time because he enjoys himself so much that he's not willing to get up to give someone else a turn!  True passion, perhaps - or maybe just another example of how challenging it can be for toddlers to share!   Here Zander is painting with some fun watercolors:
Upright painting:
Layering tissue paper:
Building a snowman with cotton:
Decorating his Christmas tree:
Trying his hand at 'Mitten Painting' (sorry for bad pun):
Fingerpainting (the table, apparently):
More painting - this time at the Children's Museum:
Zander also enjoys expressing his artistic side at home.  Here he is creating with his new Do-A-Dot applicators from KK and Randy - he loves painting with them in his 'Mighty Truck' Do-A-Dot book:
Showing Nana how it's done in his new art smock:
 We're still debating - does this qualify as art?  What a mess...
...but boy is it fun!

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