Friday, January 7, 2011

Meeting Ethan

Our post dated 10/29/10 shared the unlikely story of Zander being reunited with the foster sister with whom he lived during his time in Seoul.  We were amazed to learn about this special connection, in particular the fact that his foster sister lived so close by!

We recently made another amazing connection with the assistance of our adoption agency - we met Zander's birth cousin Ethan!  Zander's birth mother and Ethan's birth mother are sisters, and Ethan is less than a month older than Zander.  Ethan's family lives in Rochester, MN, and was in town to visit the Children's Museum. The boys spent a lot of time playing at the water tables in the World Works exhibit.  Here are Ethan (left) and Zander playing in their water aprons:  (Unfortunately Mommy didn't have her camera that day, so the quality of our photos - courtesy of Daddy's phone - aren't great.) 
Zander and Ethan's older sister Ellie play with suds:
Short video clip of the boys together:

 The boys moved onto the 'sand table' where they enjoyed playing with vehicles:
Parallel Play:
 Zander trying out the easel before heading out:
What a special day!  We look forward to seeing Ethan again before his family moves out of state later in the year.. 

All of the excitement proved to be exhausting!

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