Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing In 2011

Happy New Year!  Today marks the one-year anniversary of Zander's blog - it was a year ago today we electronically shared our first photos of Baby Wilson - long before we settled on his name (forgot what those pictures looked like?  CLICK HERE).  And what a journey it has been:  January-March, we impatiently waited for news of when would be traveling to Korea.  In April, we named Zander on his birthday and celebrated his big day with mixed emotions.  At the end of May, we finally received our travel call and flew to Seoul the first week in June.  June 11th was the day our lives changed forever - we arrived home with Zander after a long flight.  June 11th is our 'Gotcha Day', or 'Forever Family Day' - we remember it so fondly!  And since then has been a blur... learning our way through parenthood and enjoying everything about Zander - his giggles, his smiles, his monster appetite, his recent dance moves, his snuggles, his first day of school, his growing vocabulary, bathtime, stories, etc., etc. (this list goes on and on!).  Such a blessing he is and we can't imagine life without our precious Alexander Kim!

Here is Zander getting ready to shovel snow with Daddy one afternoon (yes, again!).
After shoveling, Daddy took Zander for a quick wagon ride - clearly Daddy had him doing too much of the heavy lifting!
Zander has been enjoying his new Mickey Mouse laptop from Uncle Bob, Aunt Heather, Luke & Brady.  He has just started busting out some fun dance moves when it plays music - very cute (and yet to be photographed):
 Zander enjoyed watching our Amaryllis bulb grow and bloom at New Year's:
Playing on our new iPad - a generous gift from Daddy's parents:
 Zander's favorite so far is the interactive version of  'The Wheels on the Bus:'
On New Year's Day, we hosted a family brunch - Luke enjoyed a game of catch while Zander did some New Year's shopping and Brady drove the choo choo train:
Nice catch, Luke!
The boys had a blast playing on the trampoline, who knew it would be big enough to hold all three of them?  Note Zander's hair in motion:

 Whew!  A much-needed Milk Break...
We know Zander would have really enjoyed watching Cousin Luke play hockey (yes, at four years old!)... but unfortunately he was catching a serious power nap at the time.  Luke wears #13:
Great work Luke!
Zander loves his new official NFL Vikings jersey - a very special Christmas Gift from 'Aunt Kim' and 'Uncle Dave.'  Here he is modeling the jersey for Kim and Dave during today's big loss (which clinched the Vikings last place in the division, ouch!):
Side and back views of the jersey - we think that after watching the game, Zander wanted to craft some tools to assist the Vikings during next year's training camp:
Zander, it's going to be a wonderful 2011 - we can't wait to share it with you!  Love, Mommy & Daddy

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