Saturday, January 15, 2011


Zander is really enjoying school - the structured learning, music class, art class, yummy food, nap time (he naps better at school than at home) and most of all, his friends an teachers!  Friday was "Pajama Day" - here are a few shots of Zander and his friends in their fuzzy jammies:
 Yummy Frosting!  From the Toddler Holiday Party back in December:
 Frosting holiday cookies with Daddy:
 Back to November - Zander's Thanksgiving meal:
Zander definitely loves to play outside - unfortunately some Minnesota days are too cold for the Toddlers to venture out!  Here he is bundled up in his snow gear with one of his favorite truck toys:
 Rugged terrain!
 Dancing with friends (love the 'striped boys'):
Stay tuned for some photos of art class - currently a favorite of Zander's...

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