Thursday, June 17, 2010

Battle of the Time Zones...

Wow, how the time has flown!  All is well with Zander.  He now officially has under his belt: two baths, three walks in his stroller, a visit to the doctor, ~70 diaper changes, and numerous play sessions.  We could also mention the first projectile vomit in bed, but that part wasn't as fun. 

Our biggest barrier has been battling the clock - Zander is used to a schedule that is 14 hours ahead of ours, which we are finding is a big change!  We are slowly but surely making progress, but it has been hard on all three of us.  Our Sunday post reported a 4am Saturday bedtime... Sunday night was 3:30am, Monday 2:30am, and Tuesday 1:45am.  More progress tonight - he was asleep at about 12:30am, woo hoo!  Here is a late night photo of Zander exploring one of his toy bins - wheeee!
Mealtime has been fun as we continue to explore Zander's tastes and preferences.  Daddy even learned how to make rice porridge in our rice cooker to provide some very familiar cuisine - complete with peas and small pieces of seaweed (a very popular Korean staple/snack). It was so good Mommy & Daddy each had a bowl too!  We are starting to see Zander's sense of humor from time to time as well - such as the ever-popular spoon game during mealtime: 
Zander's first time outside since the flight from Korea was on Sunday afternoon when we took a short walk.  Before getting into his stroller, he explored a little on foot.  He was really taking it all in and quite unsure about the green grass, among other things, as you can tell by his expression:
Zander's first bath was on Sunday evening.  Again, he was a little uncertain at first (as were Mommy & Daddy), but everyone warmed up to the idea pretty quickly and he did great.  Here he is after all the splashing wearing a warm fuzzy towel (a gift from the Mains - thank you says Zander!).
Go Phillies!  On Wednesday, Zander sported his first Phillies gear - a fun gift from Jim's aunt Teresa and cousin Sara.  Daddy was proud to point out that Zander is officially 1-0 when cheering for the team - he watched them put away the Yankees this evening - go Phillies!
Finally, before bed, Zander got to help Daddy with some hard work on his laptop.  He seems to be quite the natural and we expect him to be texting (in English, ha ha) in no time!
Jim and Amy are still learning to manage parenthood with day-to-day activities, so we thank everyone for their patience in our slow response to some texts/emails/phone calls, etc.  We are thankful for the continued support of our family and friends - Nana Pat baked us a huge lasagna earlier in the week, along with some homemade cookies.  On Monday, a generous neighbor prepared a delicious pork chop bake for us, complete with a chocolate cake for dessert.  On Tuesday, Juli from Amy's Bunco group brought over a big plate of chocolate chip cookies (Jim's favorite!) and a wonderful giftcard that we will be using to get Zander's next big toy - possibly a play-size table & chairs or a lawnmower so he can start mowing with Daddy - thanks so much everyone!


  1. Too Cute, Zander is a natural Phillies fan! Glad that everything is slowly coming into place, you all look so happy,it's great!
    Cousin Teresa & Dan

  2. Glad to hear that Zander's timeclock is adjusting. As Zander likes computers - if either of you have an iPhone, it is one of Cole's favorite toys now as there are many great apps for kids (though Cole now pats down John's pockets looking for his iPhone).

    -Mary, John and Cole

  3. I Just love the picture in the toy basket. Funny how he likes that as much as the toys :). Of course I like the one with at the fabulous bath towel too!! I hope the sleep is getting better. Talk to you soon.

    Love Kim and Dave