Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Few Last Date Nights...

We are eagerly awaiting our second meeting with Zander on Thursday morning at 11:00am.  In the meantime, we are trying to experience as much of the Korean culture as possible.  Tuesday night we saw a fantastic production called 'Nanta' ( - somewhat similar to 'Stomp' as far as musical rhythms, but instead set in a Korean kitchen where cooks are preparing for a large wedding event.  Tonight was 'Jump' ( - a whacky comedy featuring the martial arts.  Both were fun, but Nanta was definitely our favorite. 
Then we hit a traditional Korean BBQ - it was delicious!  We had two kinds of rib meat that we cooked at the individual BBQ station at our table.  Side dishes include a salad, bean sprouts, sauteed chunks of garlic (potent!), onions, and red bean sauce.  Very flavorful... especially when you add the hot peppers! 
We needed another 'cool off stop' following the meal... and made our second visit to Cold Stone for ice cream.  We headed back around 11pm on a weeknight and the streets were still packed - Koreans stay up late!  We've heard that it is not uncommon for even young children to come home between 10-11pm following academy (extra schooling focused on language, music, etc.).  We hope that Zander will be open to somewhat of an earlier bedtime...


  1. Sir Ryan Jeffrey WilsonJune 9, 2010 at 11:37 AM

    Korean BBQ is the BEST!!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Have fun tomorrow with the Z-man!

  2. The good thing about eating garlic in Korea is that everyone eats garlic so no one even notices it on your breath. It will probably make Zander feel more at home with you two! I am praying for all three of you. Much love...

  3. What fun! Maybe you'll be able to work with the time difference to get him to an earlier bed time?

    Mary, John and Cole