Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Fun-Filled Day 1!

After arriving home from the airport late Friday night, we sat down in the family room with Zander and started to explore some of his new toys including his little Zander-chair (name embroidered on seat back).

He smiled a lot and seemed very curious about his new surroundings!  Then, off to bed at about 12:30 am.  After some early crying and squirming, Zander fell asleep... and then so did Mommy and Daddy.  He moves around a lot in his sleep, but stayed asleep until about 7:30am when he cried for his bottle.  After downing a bottle and a quick change, he fell back asleep until about 12:30 pm!!  Here's a pic of Zander, Dooly, Jim and Scoob during their late morning snooze.
Eventually, we got Zander up and then spent the day exploring more of the house, eating and playing with more toys!  Here's a pic of one of his new favorite toys (a gift from Zander's #1 blog fans Mary, John, and Coleman) that lights up and spins around.  This one was a great distraction on the airplane, too!

He's a total joy.  Smiling a lot, laughing -- and the day has flown by!  Here are some other highlights of the day!
We continue to be spoiled - Heather brought us a delicious chicken stir-fry dinner complete with chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!  We were planning to give Zander his first bath in the evening - but it was already getting late, and he seemed pretty tired, so we called it a night and hit the sack at ~10pm.  All seemed fine and dandy... until Zander initiated a mandatory midnight-4:00am play session!!  We are hopeful this is a result of jet lag vs. a normal pattern.  Fortunately, we were all able to enjoy two, four-hour blocks of sleep after that - 4:00am-8:00am and then again from ~8:00 to noon.  Now we are getting ready for that bath!!

Once again, we wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout our journey.  It's been a really special experience that we'll never forget, and we've loved all of the comments on the blog, phone calls, text messages, emails, prayers, and everything else that all of our wonderful family and friends have done on our behalf!  We love you all!!!


  1. Looks like everyone is getting settled in - family nap time is always key!!! :). Glad the toy worked as a good distraction!

    Mary, John and Cole

  2. He looks right at home! Let us know when you are up for visitors. Thinking of you guys.

    Love, Kim and Dave

  3. Love the sleeping pictures! Already, like father, like son!

  4. It's so great to see your lights on again! A huge welcome home from us! The girls and I are on break now so anytime you're ready call or come over. We also have something for you, so let us know when we can drop it by! Welcome home Zander!!!!
    Juli, Dave, Addie & Quinnie

  5. What a special family! It's great to see everyone smiling and enjoying life together. Hopefully the midnight play time will settle down, but don't expect it to disappear all together! Enjoy the moments and your time off together!

  6. What an answer to prayer. We are so glad he is home and adjusting well. Family nap time is the BEST!

  7. Congratulations and welcome Zander! We're so happy to hear that all is well :)
    -Michelle & Lauren

  8. So happy to see you home and your family together. Hope you all find a compatible sleep schedule!
    Love and God bless,
    Jim and Joan O'Loughlin

  9. Amy welcome to the world of parenthood! This blog site is great. Everyone looks like they are enjoying your beginning times together. Congratulations to you and your husband.
    Niki Parsons