Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

What a wonderful Father's Day we had!  Back on Mother's Day in May, we mentioned on our post how we were hoping that Zander would be home to celebrate Father's Day with us - we are so thankful he is here! 

The highlight of our day was dinner at Amy's brother's home - Zander liked watching the big boys at play (Luke - 4, and Brady - 2.5 years).  Zander fell asleep right after dinner following his earliest morning start yet (6:45am following a Saturday 11:30pm bedtime).  Here are Bob and Jim - the Dads we celebrated, along with their boys.  (Cute Scooby PJ's!)
In honor of Father's Day, Amy 'interviewed' Jim on some of his key takeaways based on his first nine days of fatherhood:

What is your favorite thing about Zander?
Jim: Definitely his smile and his giggle.  (These two have been doing some serious playing as of late and it's hard sometimes to tell who is giggling more).

What has been your most memorable Zander moment?
Jim: The moment we met him - Monday, June 7th at the agency in Seoul.  Amy and I were waiting in the 'meeting' room and heard some noise in the hallway.  We looked, and around the corner walked Zander!  He was absolutely adorable wearing his little outfit with the tie.  He took a few steps into the room and gave us a big smile.  We didn't even know Zander was walking at that point - so the meeting was incredibly special and memorable. Also very memorable: any time Zander falls asleep in my arms.

What has been your biggest surprise about Zander?
Jim: His general easy-goingness - he is pretty low maintenance (all things considered!)... also - how much he loves to play!

What has been your most embarrassing Zander moment?
Jim: When I realized a few days in that when preparing Zander's formula, I was only giving him 40% of the recommended amount of powder.  He is supposed to take 5 scoops of formula in each bottle, but I was only giving him 2 scoops... it was a long plane trip and I think I got used with the fact that on the plane, I used 2 formula travel packets for each bottle, so I had "2" on my mind.  I felt so bad when I realized the error!

What experience with Zander do you look forward to most?
Jim: Having a catch with him - I can't wait! 

Here is Daddy in action - providing Zander with some expert guidance on brushing  (Zander is sporting the Buzz Lightyear PJ's he received as a gift from Luke & Brady in honor of the big Toy Story 3 premiere this weekend).


  1. Too cute for words... :) It looks like you guys had a FABULOUS Father's Day. We love the brushing teeth photo!

    -Mary, John and Cole

  2. Happy Father's Day! I just found your blog recently (can't remember how) and read about your recent trip to Seoul to pick up your ADORABLE little boy. We are waiting for our TC any day now to make that same trip. I sure hope our flight back with little Max goes as smoothly as yours!!! Welcome home.

  3. Awesome, glad you had a great 1st (of many more to come) Father's Day!
    ~Teresa & Dan Newell

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Father's Day! Love the cousins pic! There will be many many more family celebrations for Zander to enjoy, hopefully awake next time :-)
    Thinking of you....