Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zander Firsts

Last Thursday was a big day for us – we moved Zander from the Pack N Play in our room to the crib in his room. The bigger change we found, however, was transitioning from placing Zander into bed after he was already asleep to placing him in his crib awake – requiring him to soothe himself to sleep. Although it has been a difficult change (lots of crying!) we are confident that Zander was ready for this transition and that it will be much better for his ongoing sleep routine – he has since been sleeping for longer than the four-hour stretches that we experienced the first ~10 days.  He also is sleeping more total hours which we know is very good for him!  After one of his naps on Thursday, it became clear that Zander would soon need his first haircut:
Thursday was also Zander’s first visit to the large park/playground in our neighborhood – he loved it!  It took Zander a few minutes to adjust to walking in the sand (similar to when he first walked on grass):
Zander was also very hesitant on the swing at first, but once he got started, he was smiling and giggling in no time!
A new favorite pastime for Zander is playing Peek-A-Boo by hiding behind Mommy’s front door drapes - since this game started, the drape is no longer secured to the window, and Zander has kindly removed the curtain rod:
Friday we visited the pediatrician again to get Zander’s TB screening injection assessed (administered Wednesday) and to drop off some samples for additional testing. This was a much easier appointment than earlier in the week!  We also stopped by Babies R Us where Zander picked out his first lawnmower (a Bubble Mower, thanks for the recommendation Cole!) – he did a nice job evening out the deck for us.
Another new game that Daddy has introduced is "Super Zander" - where Zander gets to 'fly' around and see things from several feet higher a height than he is accustomed to.  Here's the technique:
...and here's how it looks when Super Zander is heading your way!  Crazy Wilson Boys!

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  1. It is such a delight to view these pictures. It is also such a delight to see how happy and outgoing Zander is! Much love, Nana Pat