Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heading Out...

Wow, the trip has flown by!  We are on our way to the agency and then will be en route to the airport.  Thanks for everyone's advice for the plane ride - much appreciated.  And yes, Jim just made us watch a YouTube video on how to change a diaper (he's still looking for the version for first time parents on a plane with a non-English speaking baby).

We have put on a lot of kilometers since arriving in Seoul! A lot of our travel has been on foot, which is challenging at times since there are few street signs and since addresses are based on the order in which they were established vs. numerically ordered like we are used to. Our other main means for transport is the subway - super safe, clean, and easy to use.
Shopping has certainly been a theme of the trip.  We recently visited an upscale department store called Shinsegae - 13 floors of fashion! Fun to see, although we spent most our time in the basement which contained a full grocery story (live octopus and all) and marketplace of local and international cuisine, complete with samples for tasting. We tried what looked to be a traditional Vietnamese steamed bun - it was similar to what we expected, except the filling was Korean style - hot and spicy!  Here is picture of a fun shopping find - Korea crocs (modeled by Scoob):

We spent our last night at the Seoul Tower - a huge landmark that offers beautiful sites of the city.  The trek up was a bit crazy, but we made it okay.  We had a wonderful 'celebration' dinner complete with soju and Cass beer.  Delicious!

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  1. Have a safe flight home!!!! We are so happy for you guys!!