Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Very Special Week!

It has been an amazing first week with Zander!  Last Friday (June 11th) was our 'Forever Family Day' - the day we were united and arrived home from Seoul.  Here is our first photo as a family - taken at the Minneapolis airport after the LONG day of travel:
The photo is courtesy of Amy's brother Bob whose family (along with Nana Pat) surprised us at the airport.  Here they are waiting for us to arrive (Zander's Cousin Luke, Nana Pat, Aunt Heather, and Cousin Brady - missing is Uncle Bob who was the photographer).  What a special welcome surprise!
Bob recorded the surprise welcome on video - you will see us arriving on the left escalator:

We are so thankful to be together as a family at last!  Zander turned 14 months on Thursday and continues to become more comfortable with Mommy and Daddy, our home, yard, neighborhood, and car, as well as the differences in food, language, and (still working on this one) timezone!  We celebrated his milestone with lots of play, which, in combination with the significant schedule changes, resulted in Zander's first time passing out at the dinner table!
Today was a big social outing for Zander - we went to a barbecue at friends Tim and Kate's house.  Zander had a great time - a big nap on the drive over and during the early part of the festivities followed by a lot of exploring and playing - he even got to meet some friends younger than him.  He wore his stylin' new dinosaur onesie that was a gift from Bob & Heather.  Here he is with Daddy and fellow UCLA/Anderson alums Tim (with Quinn, 5 months) and Erica:
Zander enjoyed some yummy dishes from Brasa Rotisserie - yams, chicken and pork.  The other big highlight was playing on the slide:
Friday was a wonderful day to close out a very special and memorable week.  Zander has been such a blessing in our lives and we look forward to the continued adventures! 


  1. Loved catching up with you yesterday! Hope you guys are having a fabulous Father's Day and doing something extra special together!

    -Mary, John and Cole

  2. Happy 1st Father's Day, Jim! I hope you had an enjoyable day. You and Amy couldn't look any happier. Love you all. Mom

  3. You guys look like you are having a blast!! Happy Father's Day Jim!! Glad all is going well.

    allison, curt, and elara